H9 ASW 20

Fantastic looking Hangar 9 ASW 20 scale glider. Set up for aero tow, slope or thermal soaring. 4.7m span Price: $1350 pilot not included. Scott Matthews Ph. 0488 570 268 Email:

FOR SALE Eflite Blanik

Eflite Blanik 4.2m span Turbine powered with kingtech 60 (6kg thrust) Hitec 5645 servos on flaps ailerons and rudder – 5245 on each elevator. Brand new set up certified and flown 3 times, fully aerobatic model carries plenty of momentum to allow big gracious manoeuvres. Model is set up with a releasable nose wheel which enables effortless take-offs. Price: $4800 with turbine No turbi…

SOLD – Turbine powered Fox 4m glider

    Pro built by I FLY RC Turbine powered Fox 4m glider Much anticipated release of a rare model in Australia. 4m John Copeland kit Fox glider fitted with Jetcat 60 turbine. This model has been extensive flown and displayed and never fails to impress. Fun flys, scale days, aerotow, jet and glider days in fits in at most events. This is a much sort after model Price: $3000…

SOLD – Duo Discus 3.1m fully model high performance glider

    Pro built by I Fly RC complete with retract, spoilers and Florian Schambeck SLS system 3.1m span kit from glidermania. Hacker brushless motor and 13 x 6 folding prop. Self-launch is effortless. Price: $950   Scott Matthews Ph. 0488 570 268 Email:    

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