I FLY RC – Gippsland Aerial Photography provides private and commercial cost effective aerial photography. Established in 2014,   I FLY RC utilises advanced motorised GPS equipped drones (UAVs) equipped with High Resolution still cameras and video to capture your entire aerial photo needs.

Through the use of our drones we able to produce quality aerial imagery that can be emailed within minutes of have been taken, all at extremely viable prices.

CASA UAV Operators Certificate (UOC) number CASA.UOC.0450


Real Estate

Commercial or residential, I FLY RC – Gippsland Aerial Photography can enhance all advertising brochures by highlighting nearby features. Parks, beaches, shopping centres, schools or even main roads can be brought to buyer’s attention to maximise your property.





Get the edge by presenting unseen views of your project. With these photos, you can improve your off the plan selling opportunities as well promoting your development ahead of others. Gain that optimal Northern aspect.


Sporting Events

Capture the magic moments and highlights of your event from the bird’s eye view of a drone (UAV). Pictures will impress for years and will be proudly displayed within your office or clubroom.



Sporting event (480x640)


Need potential views of the project you are working on? I FLY RC will help you work with clients when designing to make the most of unseen views through the use of drone aerial photography.


Private Property

Got a building, holiday house or estate? What a perfect piece to hang on the wall and impress your friends or clients. Makes a great present for a proud owner! How impressive would your website or advertising brochure look?



I FLY RC Media is the cost effective way to complete your projects and or investigations. Whether it’s understanding traffic flows or just worried about unethical activities within your precinct, I FLY RC Media can assist by providing up to date imagery through the use of drone aerial photography.

Surveyors – Google Maps is now over 5 years old, so it’s important you get up to the date images for all you’re surveying jobs.

I FLY RC, is the time and cost efficient way to get these aerial images to help comply and move your l important permits through quickly.






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