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SOLD – Xcalibur Sport Jet – Kingtech 100


Professionally built by I FLY RC and fitted with a kero start Kingtech 100.

The JSM Xcalibur has been developed to meet the need for an attractive, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic jet sport model. Designed to enable a newcomer to turbines to enjoy immediate success.  The Xcalibur will also entertain the experienced jet pilot with its superb aerobatic abilities.  Fitted with the heavy duty retract units, with trailing link oleo,s makes grass field operation simple.

Model is offered in turn key condition fitted with Hitec 645MG 10 Kg servos, 9.9V LiFe 2000Mah ECU pack, 6.6V Life Flight pack and Spectrum 9ch Receiver.

All leak checks and undercarriage functional checks have been thoroughly tested and completed.

Please note all gear is brand new, Turbine has zero hours.

Price: $6500 with new Kingtech 100


IMG_0807 (478x640)

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Scott Matthews

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FOR SALE Eflite Blanik


Eflite Blanik 4.2m span
Turbine powered with kingtech 60 (6kg thrust)
Hitec 5645 servos on flaps ailerons and rudder – 5245 on each elevator.
Brand new set up certified and flown 3 times, fully aerobatic model carries plenty of momentum to allow big gracious manoeuvres.
Model is set up with a releasable nose wheel which enables effortless take-offs.

Price: $4800 with turbine

No turbine $1800


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Scott Matthews

Ph. 0488 570 268

SOLD – Lockheed T33 shooting star


Lockheed T33 shooting star by FEJ
2.3m Wingspan
PROBUILT by I FLY RC what an amazing looking vintage jet.
The full size Lockheed T33 first flew in 1948 and continues in service today with the Bolivian Air Force.
Model is offered for sale as a turn key package.
Approximately 60hrs construction time has gone into this project.
Fitted with a Kingtech 140 turbine
Hitec digital servos, 7955’s and 5645’2
Jr DSMX R1222X 12ch receiver
Jetronic air valves
Model has fully functional canopy and speed brakes.
Weighs 34lb.
Ground run only, model will test fly shortly.


IMG_0852 (640x478) (2)



IMG_0862 (640x478)

IMG_0860 (640x478)

IMG_0855 (640x478)T33_7T33_6T33_3
Please call or email for further information.

Price: $12,000

Add fully programmed Dx18 for additional $950


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Scott Matthews

Ph. 0488 570 268

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